Forklift Accidents

Forklift Accidents

Forklift Accidents

A forklift accident is classified as a construction accident that occurs through the use of a forklift. A forklift is a piece of construction machinery that is used to both lift and transport heavy objects. 

What is a Forklift?

A forklift is comprised of a bed, or palette, that is affixed to a vehicle, which allows it mobility. Within the cabin of a forklift sits an operator with access to the controls of both the movement of the vehicle, as well as the movement of the bed. The bed can be raised, lowered, extended, or retracted. The earliest incarnations of forklifts consisted of treated wheels, while the latest modifications to forklifts consist of streamlined wheel systems that allow for better traction, a smoother ride, and a heightened center of gravity. 

Types of Forklift Accidents

Forklift accidents that involve dropped objects are some of the most common. These types of accidents can include objects falling off the bed of the forklift, as well as objects falling as a result of contact with the bed of the forklift. In many cases, forklift accidents that result in dropped objects can injure the operator of the forklift and/or individuals in the perimeter of the dropped object. Furthermore, dropped objects can cause property damage to the surrounding area, as well as to the object itself.

Forklift accidents that involve the tipping or tumbling of the forklift are also quite common. These types of accidents occur as a result of faulty weight distribution in the scope of the operation of the forklift. In the event that an object being lifted by a forklift disrupts the inherent balance of the forklift’s center of gravity, the force of the object against the bed can cause the forklift to tip or tumble.

Forklift accidents that involve the puncturing, piercing, or striking of an object are also common accidents. These types of accidents occur as a result of contact between the bed of the forklift and another object or individual. There have been a number of reported deaths as a result of this type of forklift accident.

Forklift accidents that result in the ejection of the operator have caused a number of deaths as well. These types of accidents occur as a result of a collision, in which the operator is thrown from the cabin of the forklift.

Forklift Accident Safety and Recourse

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires strict certification measures and safety requirements while operating a forklift. Operators who have been injured due to negligent work conditions, faulty machinery, or a hazardous work environment may be eligible for compensation as a result of any injury or damage sustained as a result of a forklift accident. The proper training and experience is imperative for those operating a forklift, and it is the responsibility of any and all foremen to ensure that these requirements are being met. An attorney specializing in forklift accidents – or other personal injury cases – will be able to assist in the assessment of such a matter. 




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