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Don’t Try to Leave The Scene Of An Accident!

Don't Try to Leave The Scene Of An Accident!

If an individual is involved in an accident and leaves the scene, the police will pursue the individual responsible. Although it may take time to determine the make and model of the vehicle that fled the scene, officers can often make those determinations at the scene of the accident. For example, officers may note the color of paint found on the other vehicle. In addition, witnesses to accidents can generally help to determine which other car was involved.
Those that flee the scene of a car accident may also find that their auto repair shop is required to report an auto accident of the driver who does not have an official report on hand. Officers would then respond to the mechanic to determine how and when the damage was caused to the car.
Regardless of how an individual is caught leaving the scene of an accident, the charges will be increased because they fled the scene. Those charges can include fines, additional tickets and possible jail time.